Bakery Menu

Bagel (everything, plain, cheddar, cheddar everything, jalapeno cheddar, Swiss, salt, blueberry, other flavors available upon request with 1 day notice)   $1.25

Half Dozen Bagels   $4.99

Dozen Bagels   $9.49

Bagel Pack (13 Bagels & cream cheese) - advance notice preferred  $11.99

Donut [yeast or cake (rotating flavors - buttermilk, cherry, blueberry, chocolate, apple cinnamon (seasonal), pumpkin (seasonal)]   $1.25

Half Dozen Donuts   $5.49

Dozen Donuts  $9.99

Jumbo Muffin  $2.49

Danish (special order only)  $1.99

Regular Cookie (chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, banana chocolate chip) $1.19

Dozen Regular Cookies  $11.99

Stuffed Cookie (Nutella stuffed choc chip, peanut butter stuffed double choc, Nutella stuffed peanut butter choc chip, sea salt caramel stuffed double choc, rotating flavors - Butterfinger stuffed, mini Reese's pb cup stuffed)   $1.49

Dozen Stuffed Cookies  $15.99

Premium Stuffed Cookie (Oreo stuffed, Reese's peanut butter cup stuffed, rotating flavors - s'mores stuffed, crunchy cookie stuffed Reese's peanut butter cup stuffed, Reese's Pieces stuffed peanut butter cup stuffed)  $1.99

Dozen Premium Stuffed Cookies (1 day notice required) $19.99

Bread Orders Accepted* (with 2 days notice) $4.99

*Cinnamon Apple Twist ($5.99), Nutella Star ($5.99), Herb Focaccia, Garlic Herb Cheddar, 6 Pretzel Rolls, Jalapeno Cheddar, Cheddar Bacon ($5.99), Molasses, Cranberry & Blueberry, other varieties available upon request)

Cakes available by special order

with 2 day notice

Standard 6" 2 layer $17.99

Standard 6" 3 layer $20.99

Standard 9" 2 layer $19.99

Standard 9" 3 layer $24.99

9" 2 layer Reese's (chocolate cake, peanut butter frosting, choc ganache, Reese's decoration) $24.99

Half Sheet Single Layer 2" tall $49.99